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Research questions

Are research trials for me?

If you have failed conventional treatment in ulcerative colitis or if you are unable to use standard anti-TNF treatments or have failed anti-TNF treatments in Crohn's disease, then you are eligible for most clinical drug trials. 


What about surgery for IBD?

Surgery is an option for most refractory cases of IBD but not always. Some patients prefer to have failed medical therapies prior to surgical management. Please discuss this at our clinic with one of the senior gastroenterologists or your referring gastroenterologists. Our experience is that most younger patients prefer to wait before irreversible surgery take place but this depends on the severity of your disease.  

Payment policy

Following consultation you will be billed by the Macquarie GI reception staff. Cash or Visa credit card payment is accepted. Your Medicare and private health insurance may cover some of the charge. Please provide your private health insurance details to our staff. Private health insurance covers the cost of endoscopic procedures. Dr Leong does not change gap payment. 

Initial consultation requires a referral letter from another doctor, usually your general practitioner.


Frequently asked questions

How do I take part in research studies?

Please obtain the IBD research coordinator of the hospital closest to you - Diane Redmond, Bankstown Hospital, Sydney 02 97227757; Nicole Lynch, Concord Hospital, Sydney 02 97676111. 


How do I make an appointment for medical assessment? 

You may wish to see Dr Leong first in his private rooms in the Sydney CBD: 02 8378 1721 or at Macquarie University Hospital: 02 9812 3880. To avoid delays, please personally BRING YOUR REFERRAL.

What shall I bring to the consultation? 

You need a referral letter (ideally marked 'indefinite' to allow you to access the IBD Service over and over again without needing a yearly updated referral letter), any recent relevant correspondence or hospital discharge letters, a list of your medications, endoscopy and biopsy results, and CT and ultrasound reports.  

What about bulk billing?

Bulk billing can be provided to aged-pensioners with appropriate verification. ​

Will I be contacted about test results?

A copy of test results can be forwarded either to you or your general practitioner. Please request for this at the time of the test.

Urgent Appointments 

For urgent appointments, please notify our reception staff. Dr Leong also can be contacted for urgent questions - please ask our staff for Dr Leong's email address. 

Gap payments

Dr Leong does not charge gap payments for private health insurances (once excess paid if applicable). 

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